Krakow city guide

Here is a city guide I made for you, it will help you getting ready for your trip and overall knowing what to expect when you land in Krakow!

First thing I want to talk about : public transport. Cheap, simple and so practical. Once we got to the city center, we didn’t use it anymore because everything was pretty close. Instead of paying 20€ of taxi to get to the center, take a 5PLN ticket (1,10€). You’ll reach the city center in 45 minutes by taking a bus + a tramway. Service starts very early and ends very late, you’ll find something that works for you for sure. Their website is really helpful and well made.

Polish are pretty good at speaking English. Especially in the city center where they are used to seeing tourists. We had no problem to communicate. They sometimes don’t look very happy but they’re all polite and nice.

Our Airbnb was between the city center and the jewish quarter, perfect for visiting the city. We payed 115€ for 5 nights which was pretty cheap. It was clean and really well furnished.

We went for the 15th to the 19th of October and the weather has been amazing. Fall was already well settled with the beautiful colors that I love but the temps were up to 26°C. It was really pleasing to walk with these temps, last year we went to Budapest and it was very cold.

If you’re traveling with kids, the city is full of parks and green spots everywhere. I liked it because between 2 visits, we coud let our daughter run free for a bit + they are benches to sit everywhere!

Must see places are not very numerous, so you can really get to visit everything.

Rynek place and its adjacent museums, visit the streets nearby full of little shops, cool architecture and soak in the atmosphere.

The Wawel castle and its museums are beautiful.

If the weather is good, take a big walk near the Visla. The jewish quarter is rather small and full of good coffee spots. There is also a museum on Jewish history.

You can find a list, here, of nice coffee spots to take a break during the day. And here is a list of restaurant where you can enjoy traditional polish food at a very low price.

As in many touristic cities, there are a lot of street performers. Take your time, stop and listen to them, watch them paint… It just adds up to the loveliness of the city.

Pack your suitcase with vodka and spices, it’s really cheap. In Krakow, the food and meat especially is really cheap. Enjoy it!

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