4 ingredients strawberries and sweet mascarpone cream

4 ingredients strawberries and sweet mascarpone cream

Strawberries season is back! What a treat to eat those yummy red gems that are not grown on the other end of the world. I know it’s tempting to eat those all year long but please, oh please wait ’til the right season and enjoy it at its finest.

Now back to our simple yet delicious recipe of strawberries with a light and sweet mascarpone cream. If you entertain at home and are lazy as I am, this one is for you. 4 ingredients and you can make it a day ahead.

I don’t really like desserts when it is overly sweet so I barely put sugar in my cream. If you have a sweet tooth, you can add 50g of sugar or a little more. The mascarpone makes the cream really light and smooth and airy. Once set, it has a texture just like a mousse.


4 ingredients strawberries and sweet mascarpone cream (6 small jars) :

  • 250g strawberries (ou plus)
  • 250g mascarpone
  • 20g sucre
  • 4 eggs

Separate the yolks from the whites in two separate bowls.

Beat whites with a pinch of salt until you get soft peaks.

Add sugar to the yolks and beat until creamy. Add the mascarpone and mix until well combined.

Add the whites in the yolks and fold in gently with a spatula.

Alternate cream and strawberries in the jars until you reach the top.

Let it set in the fridge for 5 hours at least.

Eat cold!

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