Food to eat in a weekend in le Puy-en-Velay

Food to eat in a weekend in le Puy-en-Velay

Here's a list of what we ate when we visited le Puy-en-Velay in April, local things, our fave spots... Everything you need to plan your upcoming trip !

There's quite a lot of restaurants so there's a lot to choose from. But at the end of April, about 50% of the restaurants were closed for vacation... Bad luck on our part, don't make the same mistake and go a little earlier or later in the year. Didn't stop us from having good food and fun, though !

Local food :

Warmth and generosity at La Table du Plot


We loved "La Table du Plot" on the place du Plot, food was delicious and well executed. The floor upstairs was kinda sticky... Just saying. But everything else was great and the waiter was adorable.

Beef skirt with homemade fries and a salad

The truffade is very generous as you can see on the picture (18,50€), the beef skirt was incredibly tender(18,5€) and there's a "plat du jour" (changes daily) for 12€ (mussels with fries that day). Fries were homemade and cooked just how I like them. I highly recommend it !

Something for everyone at the Halles Ponotes (marché couvert)

A beautiful food court with plenty of options to choose from, it was recently renovated and it turned out great.

Poultry hot dog

You'll find the Rotisserie, a food stand where you can have an amazing deluxe poultry hot dog (9€) or dive into a plate of bbq chicken wings (12€). Such a good spot, we loved everything !

BBQ sauce chicken wings

At the Ephémère, you can order oysters, mussels or other sea food option.
9,5€ half a dozen of oysters.


There's also sushi, pastries, smoothies, charcuterie boards... You'll find something you like, no doubt.

Address : Place du Marché Couvert, 43000 Puy-En-Velay

For dessert, head to patisserie Yann Sabot

Local pastries

For delicious pastries, we headed to Yann Sabot's pastries and it was such a good find.
We tried a pastry that looked like an eclair, verbena flavored, so good.
Then a lemon meringue pie and a peach/strawberry entremet. Everything was delicious and reasonably priced.

Address : 21 rue St Gilles, 43000 Puy-En-Velay

What are we drinking ?

We talked about food quite a lot, but let's see what there is to drink in le Puy-en-Velay... Verbena liquor is everywhere and there's quite a lot of local breweries with fun flavors.

I tried a verbena flavored white beer from Othentik, light and floral, I loved it.

Verbena flavored beer

Just out of curiosity, I bought this puy lentil brewed beer from La Vellavia, a little bit better but very refreshing.

Puy lentil brewed beer

Local produce to put in your suitcase

Don't miss the farmer's market on the Place du Plot every Saturday morning. You'll find puy lentils, artisou and other Puy specialties !

Artisou cheese

What is artisou cheese ? A nice producer explained that it's a cow's milk cheese that is aged on wooder planks, mites are attracted by the wood and get on the cheese's crust, giving it its weird shape and strong flavor.

Mites on the artisou cheese

If you focus for a second, you'll see them wander around the cheese. If you can get past the psychological barrier that is eating mites, it's a delicious cheese. A fun gift to bring back to the bravest of your friends.

Here's a little inspiration if you plan on visiting the Puy-en-Velay soon ! I hope this post and the "what to do in le Puy-en-Velay" one will be useful and makes you want to spend a few days here.

I'll see you soon !