5 family-friendly activities to do in Reunion Island

5 family-friendly activities to do in Reunion Island

I made a list of family-friendly activities you can do with your kids when visiting Reunion Island, they're adapted to little ones too (I specified when it isn't). I hope it'll be helpful for you when you plan your trip on the beautiful island !

#1 - The tortoises garden in Les Avirons

A family-friendly outing, for all ages.
You'll see a lot of tortoises, a few turtles, Koï, in a beautiful setting up in Les Avirons. The view is beautiful.
You can feed the Galapagos tortoise under the supervision of their caregiver who is in the enclosure with you and offers to take photos of you and your family for a nice souvenir, it's such a treat for everyone.
It took us about an hour to see everything but we took our time and spent a long moment in the Galapagos tortoises enclosure, so it's not a very long visit.

Price (July 2022) : 9€ adult, 6€ kid

More info here.

#2 - Saint-Gilles' Aquarium

It's not the biggest aquarium but it's a nice one, the visit is kid friendly and you learn a lot. All ages welcome.
It took us an hour to visit everything, we also watched the mermaid show, she swam with sharks, it was pretty cool !
If you plan in advance, make sure you're there for feeding hour too.

Price (July 2022) : 9,90€ adult, 6,90€ kid

More info here.

#3 - Summer toboggan in Maïdo

A summer toboggan park for the entire family. 40 meters downhill for some good sensations !

It's best to go on sunny days since the toboggan might be closed if it's too humid.

You can also ride on poney's backs, try archery or tele guided boats. You can easily spend the day here by bringing a picnic.

Toboggan starts at 2 yo.

Price (octobre 2023) : 30€ for 15 tours (can be used by several people)

More info here.

#4 - Kelonia in Saint-Leu

More turtles ! But only sea turtles this time. We went several times and we loved it. It's good for kids and grownups.
They take harmed turtles in, take care of them and put them back into the ocean when it's possible. It's also a good way to learn more about Reunion island's ecosystem !
You can see a lot of turtles and the site is beautiful.

Price (juillet 2022) : adult 8€, kids 5€

More info here.

#5 - Swim in a waterfall at Cascade Délices à Sainte-Suzanne

I wrote a whole post about this family-friendly and easily accessible waterfall. The path is concrete, you can go with little ones.

I hope this will be useful ! Please let me know which one you liked the most. See you soon.