Winter spiced hot chocolate

Nature & Découvertes offered the products What is your favorite comfort drink for winter? I always had a thing for a good hot chocolate! I made a dairy version but make it dairy free by adding almond milk and omit the sour cream. This hot chocolate is creamy and thick, so comforting and not too […]

Paloma cocktails with Galvanina

This post is sponsored by Galvanina I am far from being good at cocktails! But this one is an easy one, no weird ingredients or tricky method. And can we talk a second about this color? I AM DYING. So pretty. Not too sweet because the club soda sweetens it just enough. What’s not to love? […]

Virgin sangria, a cooling summer beverage

Here is a cooling beverage that is a perfect fit for summer, booze free so it is kid friendly too! It is also beautiful, simple to make and you can adapt it to your liking. I added a few flat peaches, a few apples I had sitting in a bowl in my house. You could […]

Mango mojito

Summer = cocktails for me. Last year, I was breastfeeding and didn’t drink a single mojito. My daughter is now weaned and I take advantage of it. Mojitos are so easy to make, I love it. It is really expensive when you drink it in a bar sooooooo, do it yourself! This is a mango […]