Pork chops with blue cheese sauce

Because you can not decently spend your winter eating swiss cheese fondue, here is another idea to incorporate cheese to your diet with a healthy-ish recipe. Pork chops with a generous blue cheese sauce, served with some potatoes and greens and dinner is done! A whole delicious meal that satisfies cheese cravings? Count me in! […]

Pear almond tart

Last week I posted a how-to make your own powdered almond. Here is what I did with mine ; a delicious pear almond tart. Deliciously generous and so satisfying. I love this dessert… I used fresh pears because it is in season and they’re delicious at the moment but you could definitely use canned pears […]

Winter spiced hot chocolate

Nature & Découvertes offered the products What is your favorite comfort drink for winter? I always had a thing for a good hot chocolate! I made a dairy version but make it dairy free by adding almond milk and omit the sour cream. This hot chocolate is creamy and thick, so comforting and not too […]

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