Smoked salmon and cream cheese appetizers

Smoked salmon and cream cheese appetizers

When there are appetizers, you can be sure that I’m going to stuff my face and have no more room for the main when it’s time to eat : that’s bad. So here is a lighter version of a smoked salmon toast (because bread is very filling), it is fresh and delicious! It is also useful if you’re having friends or family over for a meal and do not want to spend the day making fancy appetizers. Kids’ help (or wife/husband) will be greatly appreciated because it is so simple and fun.

Because it is the holidays season, smoked salmon has been cheaper here in France. I don’t really buy it usually because it is expensive but the deals are really worth it right now. Is it the same where you live? I want to know. You could use smoked trout too, that would be delicious.

I put some garlic and fines herbs cream cheese on the cucumber because cucumber is pretty bland. The fish gives it the saltiness needed to make a well balanced toast. It is yummy and you’ll have room for dessert, I swear.

Smoked salmon and cream cheese appetizers (12 toasts) :

  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1 slice smoked salmon
  • 2-3 tbsp garlic and fine herbs cream cheese

Cut thick slices of cucumber so it won’t bend when lifted.

Add a little bit of cheese, a little bit of salmon and you’re done!

Keep refrigerated before use.