Mini pistachio cheese balls

Mini pistachio cheese balls

Summer gatherings with friends are the best and of course, you're gonna make some appetizers. Vico asked me to twist an existing appetizer recipe with their new Natur' & Bon brand. I chose pistachios and turned them into bite-sized goat cheese balls, perfect for an appetizer.

Very simple, two ingredients, goat cheese balls rolled in delicious pistachios. As these pistachios aren't salted, the salty goat cheese makes these perfect.

There's also a bunch of nuts in their new range of products, including nuts which would work wonder with this recipe. Il y a également des mélanges aux noix dans leur gamme qui fonctionneraient très bien avec cette recette également. You can learn more here.

Mini pistachio cheese balls (12 pieces) :

  • 200g goat cheese
  • 100g pistachios

Take a tablespoon of goat cheese and roll it in the palm of your hand. Repeat until you have 12 balls shaped.

Put the cheese balls into a plate and freeze them for 15 minutes so they harden a bit.

Meanwhile, shell the pistachios and chop them coarsely in a mortar or food processor.

Put the crushed pistachios in a shallow dish.

Take the cheese balls out of the freezer. At this time, you can reshape them a bit if some of them aren't exactly round.

Roll the balls into the pistachios, put a toothpick in and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Enjoy !