20 days juice fast : why and how?


Read ’til the end, there is an update!

I see you rolling your eyes from afar. Or even worse, laughing. No solid food for 20 days seems really extreme. It probably is. So let me tell you step by step why and how I am going to do that.

First things first : what’s a juice fast ? It is drinking exclusively fruits and vegetables juices (and water of course) for a determined amount of time to reboot your system and let your organs rest. To do so, you replace your three (or four) usual meals by 0,5l fruits/vegetables juices (80% vegetables and 20% fruits) and you drink a lot of water to keep hydrated.

The idea is really to take all the nutrients from the food without the fibers to allow your digestive system to take a break and your body to have a little vacation (so to speak). It is often abused so you show your body a little love by giving it good produces.

I highly recommend the Netflix documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It is inspiring, it makes you think about the importance of your health in your list of priorities and also makes you think about what you eat and why. Go check it out and come back tell me what you think!

Why ? I’m going to speak for me and my husband on this one because he is so supportive he decided he’ll do then 20 days juice fast with me!
For me, it is clearly for healthy reasons. I’ve been suffering from migraines for 8 years and it ruins my life. It cured migraines for plenty of people out there so I asked myself « could it help me too? ». Well, I’ll sure keep you updated on this one and I’m eager to see it for myself.
For my husband, he has minor health problems he’d like to solve and quite a lot of weight he’d like to shed so we will see how it goes for him.

How ? By keeping our fridge full of greens and colorful goodness, first. It costs a little more than what we are used to spend but if it really works, the investment is worth every penny.
We’ve been thinking this through for a long time and chose a date to start : February 6.! A week before, we kinda ate everything that had to be eaten in the fridge and pantries. On Saturday we went grocery shopping and here we go for the big adventure!

I’ll make a weekly post with my grocery shopping list + prices and how we feel about it.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please share and write a comment below. I’d love to talk to you about that!


I decided to aim at 4 or 7 days juice day instead of 20 days for two simple reasons.

  1. Cost. It is expensive to buy that much fruits and vegetables for two people to drink 1,5L a day per person. It doubled our food cost.
  2. It is hard. I surprisingly have no appetite for juices and find it pretty bland and not even tasty. The smell is driving me nuts. My husband kinda feels the same, he drinks it but is bored with the taste even though we juice different ingredients.

We tried (and succeeded) for a period of time that is enough to have an idea of what it is. I really think it work if you like vegetables juices and have a strong will. I don’t. But try it for yourself and please comment below to tell me how it is for you!