6 soup recipes to try this Fall !

6 soup recipes to try this Fall !

Soup season is here ! And I love a good soup. I have so many soup recipes on the blog, you could try one every week all Fall and Winter long and not be done with them. So I made you a list of 6 soup recipes to try (and keep) this Fall to keep yourself and your loved ones warm after a long cold day.

Before proceeding with the list, I have to talk about something that is greatly useful in my kitchen for a soup addict : my hand mixer. I've used this brand for years and I love it. So easy to blend directly into the pot and not having to clean the blender afterwards.

For more soup inspo, check out my Cosy Soups ebook. There's 25 delicious soup recipes in there that you can't find on the blog !

#1 - Simplest pumpkin soup ever (5 ingredients)

Let's start with probably the easiest yet it's a very very good one ! You can make it fancier by adding a various range of toppings : feta cheese, shredded cheese, pumpkin seeds... Whatever you like !

Simplest pumpkin soup ever (5 ingredients)
Pumpkin is a staple winter ingredient. Roasted, on salad, in soups, in baked dishes... 1001 ways to use it. Here’s a very quick and easy one. A soup with only 5 ingredients that is tasty and creamy.

#2 - Cozy veggies and lentils soup

Lentils are great to be used in soup and this one is a gem for Fall. It's very nutritious and so good.

Cozy veggies and lentils soup
Here is a recipe that fits our gloomy and rainy weather perfectly. A delicious lentils soup with veggies and lots of spices to warm up and have fun too.

#3 - Wild rice and mushroom soup

A wild rice soup might sound a little odd but it's definitely a favorite around here. Add mushroom and you take it to the next level. It takes a purple-ish color while cooking because of the wild rice and it's so pretty.

Wild rice and mushroom soup
Soups, again and again ! But hearty soups that are nourishing and filling. Here is a delicious (and very pretty) wild and mushroom soup, I put button mushrooms, oyster mushroom and cloud ear mushrooms in there.

#4 - Creamy potato soup with bacon bits

A more classic but nonetheless delicious soup : potatoes, bacon bits, the perfect Fall combo.

Creamy potato soup with bacon bits
Soups season is here and I couldn’t be more excited! It got chillier so I think it’s ok to get back to soup, right? Here’s the recipe for a deliciously creamy potato soup with bacon bits and a (not so) healthy dose of sour cream. So so good...

#5 - Spiced lentil soup

More lentils but with lots of spices this time around ! It's a nice twist and it's great to be able to make very different soups with similar ingredients.

Spiced lentil soup
Here is my version of the spiced lentil soup with tomatoes, carrots and a lot of spices. I really outdid myself with the toppings here : coconut yogurt, jalapeño and a lot (way more than pictured) of cilantro.

#6 - Roasted butternut squash soup

This gorgeous orange soup is made with roasted butternut squash and it's available in my newest ebook Autumn. It will be translated soon and I will let you know when it's out for orders. In the meantime you can check my shop.

Hope you liked it, have a nice day !