Gourmibox, Mediterranean's finest food in a box

Gourmibox, Mediterranean's finest food in a box

Gourmibox sent me their July box to test, taste and talk about it here on the blog and give you my opinion! The concept is pretty simple : 29,90€/month and you get a 8 to 10 products box based on a different theme each month.

Here is what was in there and what I thought of it :

This is a courgette spread with mint in it. Quite minty but delicious however on toast or to dip carrots sticks! Made in France with no weird ingredients is always a plus.

An organic pear juice coming directly from an small italian producer, it is soooo good. No added sugar and a real pear flavor. I LOVED IT!

Those are some unusual chips! Yucca, plantains, sweet potatoes and beetroots. Delicious and impressively crunchy. Everyone loved it here.

Lavender biscuits with no added sugar and a delicate lavender flavor. Those are really good with tea or coffee.

Coming from the south of France, those two are apricot and rosemary biscuits. I didn’t really like it because it was way too sweet for me.

Arborio rice to make killer risotto! I’ll update you on that, I’m working on a recipe to give you an idea on what to make with this beauty.

Last but not least, something I had never heard of : wheat bsissa. Basically a flour blending you mix with water and oil and it gives you a dessert. WHAT? I’ll show you what it looks like as soon as I try it. Intriguing.

I really like receiving that parcel, the packaging was super cute and well thought. All the products are interesting and had me drooling. If you order one, please leave a comment below to tell me what you thought of it!

Here is the link : Gourmibox