7 dessert ideas to serve after a raclette

7 dessert ideas to serve after a raclette

"What am I gonna serve for dessert ?" It's a question I ask myself pretty much everytime we have people over for a raclette. It's a french thing, melting cheese on potatoes with charcuterie. Here is the appliance you'll need if you want to try. It's not light at all, so here are a few ideas I use when I want to serve a dessert after dinner. Give me yours in the comment !

I usually avoid heavy dessert or all chocolate ones. But then what are we serving ?

Crumble in general is a good idea. It's fresh and is so easy to eat ! Here are two of my recipes I like to make after a raclette :  

Strawberry and rhubarb crumble
A summer classic around here, sweet and sour crumble, crispy outside and gooey inside. So good! Rhubarb has a very tangy taste but it’s so good in crumble or jam.
Oat and brown sugar topped apple crisp
The crisp air outside, the leaves turning orange, the last of summer’s produces and the appearance of all sorts of squash at the farmer’s market. It gets me excited for Winter! My house will consistently smell like soup and I will live in knitted sweaters.

The big advantage of crumbles is that you can easily adapt the fruits to the seasons and it's always delicious.

You can also make individual verrines, it doesn't have to be fancy at all. A few ideas :  

The acidity of quince makes this sauce a perfectly fresh and light dessert.

Vanilla quince and apple sauce
The beauty is sometimes (and often) in simplicity ! So here is a simple but delicious quince and apple sauce, flavored with Bourbon vanilla from Reunion Island. It’s a perfect dessert for these cold Fall days.
Lemon curd parfaits
Here is a quick and very good looking dessert (or snack). Lemon curd adds allthe necessary sugar so no need to sweeten the yogurt beforehand. The almondgranola [https://travel-and-food.com/2019/05/crunchy-granola/] is perfect forthis, it is crunchy with big bits of almonds for good textures! Lem…

I also like to make tarts, adjusting the fruits depending on the season. With a good cup of tea, these tarts will go down with no problem. The yogurt one is so light and refreshing !

Granola and yogurt fruit tart
I like granola in my morning yogurt but this time it is upside down. A granola cup filled with yogurt and topped with delicious fresh fruits. It makes a killer breakfast (or dessert)!
Pear & chocolate rustic galette
A dessert made of sweetness and simplicity : pear & chocolat rustic galette. A classic dessert that (almost) everyone like and the chocolate shavings makes it even prettier.
Rustic peach galette
I know it is a bit hot to turn the oven on these days but I’d burn in my kitchen for this delicious galette! It is so yummy, the dough is flaky and just right. It doesn’t take much time to make which is always great! And the filling is syrupy, sweet and sour. So so good! Try it for yourself.

A pretty fruit basket could do the trick too if you're tight on time.

I hope this post will help you find the perfect dessert to serve after a raclette !