Best spot to have brunch in Montmartre at Bleu Matin (Paris)

Best spot to have brunch in Montmartre at Bleu Matin (Paris)

Right outside the Lamarck - Caulaincourt metro station is Bleu Matin, a very cute spot to have brunch or a filling breakfast to keep you energized during your touristy (or not) Paris visit !

It's ideally located to start a nice walk by a great breakfast around Montmartre. Bonus point : it opens early on week days (8:30am), it's great.

I had the opportunity to chat with the owner who's passionate about local produce, homemade and you can tell by her enthusiasm that she wants to do it right. Breakfasts are her madeleine of Proust, it shows with a very great menu !

Full brunch during weekends but also a great breakfast menu all week because we do want to have nice breakfasts outside of the weekend too. Almost every weekend brunch options are available on the menu during the week, great way to start the day !

They also make lunch combo and plat du jour (for example the plat du jour + soup (or dessert) combo costs 15€, worth the money!), if you're looking for a cute lunch spot in Montmartre, this is it !

Bonus (that is very important to me too) : the waitresses are so nice and friendly. It's heart warming ! They happily answered my numerous questions.

Ok, but what do we eat there ?

The brunch costs 26€ and includes :
• a tall glass of fresh OJ
• a warm drink
• a croissant
• a savory plate between 2 choices
• a sweet bowl between 2 choices

I tried a little bit of everything because I'm curious and I like to do a thorough review for you !

Drink wise, I tasted something incredible : the blue latte. Look a that colour ! It sort of tastes like a chai, strongly gingery with a lot of spices. So good !

I also tried the chaï and the cappuccino. Everything was good ! I tried their special juice : apple and pomegranate juice, so refreshing.

Can we talk about how pretty the sweet bowl are ? Two choices are available, here is the granola bowl. Portion is great, not too big or too small. And the edible flowers ? I love them. SO cute.

And here is the banana bowl with almond butter. Yummy. The seeds add a nice crunch and it's great for texture.

I tried 3 of the grilled cheese (not on my own, we were 3 and we shared). First, let's talk about my favorite : the veggie one. Leeks, mushrooms, pesto, Ossau Iraty and arugula. Full of flavors, it's incredible.

The classic grilled cheese : ham, comté 12 months and cheese sauce. Oh so delicious and very cheesy.

The morning grilled cheese : omelette, bacon and emmental. A very good breakfast grilled cheese !

What's great is you can also get the brunch with no drinks and/or to take away, it's great because it's adaptable and you can even eat this delicious brunch from your hotel room (or wherever you want).

Bonus photo, taken by my artsty daughter haha. It just shows how good it waas, right ? I highly recommend you try it. Good produce, great dishes and drinks. A very good deal !

Address :
74 rue Lamarck
75018 Paris
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