5 cheap recipes to make with eggs

5 cheap recipes to make with eggs

Egg is such a versatile ingredients, it can make incredible sweet and savory recipes. It's pretty cheap and there's a lot of recipes you can use them up with.

If you often ask Google things like "egg recipes" or "what to do with eggs"? This post is for you. Wether it's because you have chickens or because eggs are affordable, I made you a list of cheap egg-based recipes without weird ingredients.

Here's five ideas from the blog :

Çilbir, turkish poached eggs and yogurt

Breakfast, brunch or lunch, this recipe is mad simple and so cheap. Yogurt, herbs and a poached egg !

Sunday breakfast bowl

A breakfast bowl that can easily be turned into a lunch bowl. Easy to make, delicious to devour. You can adapt the sides with what's in season.

Avocado toast + foolproof soft boiled eggs

Quick and easy ! Half an avocado, a runny egg (with my foolproof technique) and you're set for a delicious lunch or breakfast.

Bacon deviled egg

A beautiful (and cheap) starter ! This bacon deviled egg is incredible, it's topped with crispy bacon bits for maximum pleasure. I love making variations of this recipe for a cute yet affordable starter.

Baked egg custard

Last but no least, a delicious egg based dessert. Milk, eggs, sugar : that's it ! It bakes low and slow in the oven and it's done. They are so soft and yummy, easy to make too.

You can also use up a lot of eggs by doing quiche, omelettes,...

I hope you found this post helpful and that it gave you a few ideas to use up those eggs. Please let me know if you like this type of content !

Cover pic from Nik on Unsplash