Thyme and zesty mustard sauce roasted chicken

I love roasting a whole chicken for dinner because there is only three people to feed in my family and that means we get leftovers for lunch the next day! This version is very delicious, zesty and tangy. Serve it with potatoes or pasta and drizzle with sauce, so yummy. I add a little apple […]

Creamy ricotta and spinach pasta

A big bowl of pasta after a long day is always a big pleasure to me! These ones are the creamiest pasta ever with a ricotta sauce and a little spinach for texture and tricking myself into thinking this is kind of healthy 😉 I like to use fresh spinach for this recipe as it […]

Dried fruits stuffed duck roast

If you could only smell the fragrance coming out of the oven right now, dried fruits tangled with duck fat, oh goodness. I prepped and made this recipe early afternoon to be able to take picture before the night came and let me tell you I had a pretty HARD time waiting for dinner that […]

Sea food pasta

Here is yet again a very simple recipe to make, it has a very big WOW factor, which is always good. I went the easy way by using frozen sea food mix but you could use fresh if you prefer, it’ll just be a little longer to cook! Garlic + parsley + lemon : can’t […]

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