Cozy veggies lentils soup

Here is a recipe that fits our gloomy and rainy weather perfectly. A delicious lentils soup with veggies and lots of spices to warm up and have fun too.  You can add a lot of other veggies that you have laying around if you want to. It is the kind of recipe that is sort […]

Vegan chickpea and cauliflower curry

A good old bowl of curry after a rainy day is the best thing ever! Here is a quick vegan recipe to make that is absolutely incredibly tasty to eat. Serve with a big bowl of rice, some hot sauce and you’ll love it! Chickpeas, cauliflower, spices and coconut milk to smooth it up. It […]

Cheesy butternut gratin

Cheesy everything season has begun and we are so ready! I decided I’d start this cheesy season with a twisted version of tartiflette, which is basically the same thing but with potatoes slices instead of butternut. It tastes different of course, it is sweeter and is a little bit harder to cut into servings because […]

Crispy duck breast, cauliflower mash and buttery mushrooms

Where to start? Super creamy cauliflower mash, buttered mushrooms with loads of parsley or very crispy skinned duck breast with a tender rare flesh?? So let’s talk about that creamy dreamy mash : cauliflower. Steamed, a little sour cream, a few more ingredients and you get a creamy mash that is oh so soft and […]

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