Roadtrip #1 : Innsbruck, Autriche (Day 2)

For this second and last day in Innsbruck, I was motivated and wanted to make the most out of my day. I got up at 6:30 with a beautiful and warm sun shining and I went out for a good walk while my husband was still asleep. The view from our windows was wonderful. I could […]

Pregnancy update : 33 weeks

We’re getting closer to the due date, I’m so excited ! Baby continues to grow at her pace in here and she’s learning kick boxing with my ribs. CUTE but please STOP. I felt a little more energized this week so I took advantage of it to enjoy the summer weather we’ve had this past […]

Pregnancy update : 32 weeks

The end of this pregnancy is near, we are getting all ready to welcome our baby ! Baby weights 2,1kg and is 43cm long. She is moving a little bit less because there is not much space in there. This week, we saw our little pumpkin because we had the last ultrasound. She is doing […]

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