Pregnancy update : 30 weeks

In two months and a few days, our baby girl will be there ! CRAZY. She’s the size of a big squash and weights about 1,3kg. I was still on sick leave this week and had to rest as much as I could, so that is basically what I did. I got a lot of […]

Tiramisu with speculoos

What is better than a simple, no bake recipe ? You tell me. I looove tiramisu. Like crazy. But I don’t really make it often just because I don’t really think about it. This time I did and I am happy. My version was a little bit too sweet so I corrected the recipe down […]

Pregnancy update : 29 weeks

This week have been so bad ! Baby is the size of a butternut squash and is still loving to kick my ribs with her feet, to my great despair. I’m on sick leave for a week and a half. I had an appointment on Tuesday to check if everything was doing fine because I’ve […]

Chinese inspired stir fry

My pantries are always full but when I decide to cook a special recipe, I am always running out of the what’s needed. What kind of sorcery is this ? This time, I was all into making myself a big bowl of chinese noodles and then no noodles in the pantries. WHAT ? This couldn’t […]

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