Pregnancy update : 19 weeks

Here I am, 19 weeks pregnant. Baby is the size of a grapefruit and is about 200-250g. She’s only awake about 6 hours per day at that stage. Lovely little creature. This week I have been craving sardines and grapes like crazy. But I also crave everything healthy. I took a little bit more weight […]


Montagnes de pancakes

I made a big brunch for my husband and I last sunday and I was craving pancakes ! Our brunch was composed of : fresh grapes, pears, scrambled egg with ham, grilled cheese, toasts and fresh cheese to spread on the toasts.  A serious business brunch I’d say. These pancakes are tiny because I love having […]

Creamy & cheesy mushroom pie

Mushroom pie

We recently went to have dinner at some of our friend’s house and as a starter, they made us a delicious mushroom pie with wild mushrooms they found in the Pilat. It was really really good. So when we talked about this week’s mealplan with my husband, he requested one. I was looking for a good […]

Pregnancy update : 18 weeks

18 semaines de grossesse

I am now in my 18th week of pregnancy and feeling pretty great so far. Our baby girl is the size of a dragon fruit and is about 190g. She can now hear us and taste what I’m eating. I get pretty heavy cravings for ice creams (it is -2° outside, nevermind) and at the […]

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