Pregnancy update : 20 weeks

We made it halfway through this pregnancy adventure and I love being pregnant so far. Still 20 (long) weeks to wait before seeing her tiny little face if she does not decide to come say hello earlier. This wee girl is now the size of a mango and is about 300g. I feel her kicking […]

Road trip #1 : Bern, Switzerland

I am writing this article a looot later than I thought I’d be… But they’re coming I promise.  We are back from 19 wonderful days of roadtriping around Europe (it was in August). We drove thousands of kilometers but it was well worth it. We have great memories and we’d like to go back very […]

Pregnancy update : 19 weeks

Here I am, 19 weeks pregnant. Baby is the size of a grapefruit and is about 200-250g. She’s only awake about 6 hours per day at that stage. Lovely little creature. This week I have been craving sardines and grapes like crazy. But I also crave everything healthy. I took a little bit more weight […]


Montagnes de pancakes

I made a big brunch for my husband and I last sunday and I was craving pancakes ! Our brunch was composed of : fresh grapes, pears, scrambled egg with ham, grilled cheese, toasts and fresh cheese to spread on the toasts.  A serious business brunch I’d say. These pancakes are tiny because I love having […]

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