Mamamia pizza, Lyon 7ème, France


We live just a few steps away from this pizzeria. Everyone has been telling us that these pizzas are THE BOMB for weeks so we decided to finally give it a go and see if it was as good as everyone was saying. It is located in rue de Gerland, near the Jean Jaurès metro station.

We ate our pizzas at home but there is a nice outdoor if you want to eat at the restaurant.

I chose this one (but I obviously tasted the two) :
La Charcutière (13,90€) : Sour cream, ham, mozzarella, coppa, pancetta and mortadella


It was a bit salty but with all this charcuterie it was no surprise. It was delicious! The dough is absolutely amazing and the charcuterie high quality.

My husband got :
La Marceline (11,80€) : Sour cream, roasted chicken, St Marcelin and mozzarella


Creamiest pizza ever, generous serving of chicken and St Marcelin cheese is subtil but strong at the same time, really a hit.


We’ll go back for sure because I had a hard time picking just one (they have a 10 cheeses pizza… WHAT) and for the price, you have a high quality pizza, quite big! The pizzaiolo is really nice. I recommend!

**Where is it ?
69 Rue de Gerland
69007 Lyon