6 no oven recipe ideas for cold Winter nights

6 no oven recipe ideas for cold Winter nights

If you like to eat cosy meals on cold winter nights after a long day but you don't have access to an oven, this post is made for you.

A list of recipes that don't require an oven because I remember struggling when I was a student, I was looking for Winter recipes and they all required an oven and I was so frustrated... We're inclusive here ! Students, oven less people, this one is for you. And for everyone else who loves to eat, no one gets left behind.

#1 - Gochujang jjigae, Korean pork and vegetables stew

It's not the oven that's gonna warm you up here, it's the chili. It'll keep you warm and it's extremely delicious !

Gochujang jjigae, Korean pork and vegetables stew
Let’s make a gochujang jjigae today, I spotted this recipe on this blog. I have a big tub of gochujang (Korean fermented chili paste) at home and this was a delicious way to use it, it’s a pork and vegetable spicy stew basically.

#2 - Winter veggies stir fry

A great vegetarian idea, a veggie stir fry. Serve it with a piping hot bowl of rice. Winter is abundant in root vegetables and things like cabbages so we have to make the most of it.

Winter veggies stir fry
A winter veggies stir fry to eat as a side in the Winter or on its own because it’s quick to make and delicious. I added carrots, white cabbage, onion and mushrooms. Some asian inspired seasoning makes it a delicious dinner idea !

#3 - Creamiest butternut squash soup

Had to put at least one soup here because it's kinda my brand haha. A deliciously creamy butternut squash soup to warm up. If you need more soup ideas, I wrote a whole book on them. You can purchase it here.

Creamiest butternut squash soup
Cold winter nights are perfect for creamy soups and cozy meals. I was given a huge butternut and I used it to make this delicious creamy butternut soup.

#4 - Beef and spinach tortellini soup

Oh, here's another soup. But it's such a great one for a cosy night in, with no oven, it's so so good.

Beef and spinach tortellini soup
This recipe is as surprising as it’s easy. A beef and spinach tortellini soup, it makes for a delicious creamy and flavorful soup. It’s incredible, no other words come to my mind, it’s going to go in my monthly rotation for the Winter, no doubt.

#5 - Beef and vegetables pearl pasta stew

A nice stew, filling and so cute with all the pearl pasta swimming in, I added veggies for some good measure and some meat too.

Beef and vegetables pearl pasta stew
There is nothing more comforting than coming home after a long day to a cozy dinner full of spices filling up the air of the house. I made this delicious beef and vegetables pearl pasta stew to keep ourselves warm and cozy!

#6 - Leek and turnip beef stew

And let's not forget about the amazing thing that is slow cooked beef, fork tender and so good. I added some Winter veggies, leeks, turnips... So cosy and warming !

Leek and turnip beef stew
Lockdown number 2 is in full speed here in France, so if you’re quarantined juste like me, this recipe is perfect. A big hug in a pot. Leeks, turnips, tender meat that will melt in your mouth. My idea of comfort food.

I hope this list will be useful and that you will find something warm and cosy to make this Winter, with no oven but with a lot of flavors !