Fridge and freezer tour : lockdown edition - what we buy and how we use it

Fridge and freezer tour : lockdown edition - what we buy and how we use it

This post is the second of the lockdown serie! The first one is right here, I went through my pantry with you, how we store, what we buy and how we use all of that. Today is the same programm but we're touring my fridge! Let me just point out once again that these are not exhaustive lists, it just a good way to give you ideas on what to make and how to use certain things.

Let's tour my fridge and freezer during lockdown, to minimize our trips to the grocery store. If you click on the ingredients names, you'll see a list of all the blog's recipe with this item.

Dairy products :

Gallon(s) of milk to bake cakes, for breakfast or whatever you are using milk for.
We like to keep about 2 pounds of butter on hand in the fridge becaue we bake quite a lot and always need butter.
Cheese is a big thing in our household! I always have 2-3 kinds of cheese on hand in the fridge. Cheese keeps well, it lasts for a while and even if it's a little old, it's still edible. We usually keep goat cheese, camembert... We can eat it on bread, in casserole, on sauces, in pastas...etc. Mozzarella is great if you plan on making homemade pizza!

Camembert tart recipe

Yogurts are my daughter's favorite. We usually have plain yogurts + fruits flavored yogurts on hand, she doesn't eat it everyday. Yogurts can be eaten up until 3 weeks after the date written on the top (source). So no stress! And if you find yourself with too much yogurt, make some cake, pancakes, icecreams...

Granola and yogurt fruit tard recipe

Meat/fish :

Wide topic here. We have a small freezer so I just stock up on the deals I find when going grocery shopping! Can be chicken, pork, beef... depends!
We also keep a few cans of tuna, sardines and other fish. You can turn it into spreads, salads, pizza...
We try to keep a somewhat decent stock of eggs but stores have been out lately. You can turn it into quiches, cakes, custard, omelets...

Spinach and goat cheese mini quiches

Bacon keeps well in the fridge but also in the freezer if needed! Same goes for ham and lunch meat in general.

Frozen goods :

Once again, no giant freezer here. I told in the last post I didn't liked canned veggies in general so that's why I prefer buying it frozen when we are limited with fresh produces. So here is what I keep :

  • veggies of all kinds (green beans, broccoli...)
  • fresh herbs (thyme, parsley, cilantro...etc)
  • fruits (berries, pineapple...etc. mostly for smoothies and cakes)

Fruits and veggies :

In April, veggies and fruits are coming back in full force onto the markets stalls. We try to go shopping for fresh produces every 10 days. I try to buy things that keeps well so we don't have to eat everything in 3 days because it's going bad. Some of them even last longer than 10 days and that is even better!

So what do we buy? For the fruit part : apples and oranges are keeping very well! You can easily buy a few pounds without worrying for it going bad. For bananas, buy it a bit green if you can so it will last longer and will ripen on your counter. When it starts to be well roted (and I mean it), make it a delicious banana bread.

All chocolate banana bread

For the veggies : I like buying green cabbage (lasts about 10 years in the fridge, aha), carrots, spinach, turnips, squashes at that time of the year. A big chunk of fresh ginger in the lower part of my fridge too! In Summer, I'd keep tomatoes, zucchinis... Buy in season : it's better and way cheaper!

I also get a big bag of onion and lots of garlic because I put it literally everywhere. Keep it in a cool, dark place and it will last for a long time.

So here is what we keep in the fridge and freezer, it also varies a lot depending on what is left is in store. I hope it helped a bit! If you need inspiration, there are hundreds of recipes on this blog, you'll find something you can make, for sure.