Baby update : 8 months

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you guys on my baby girl, here is a quick update because quite a few things have changed. She’s crawling! She sits up on her own (it’s been over a month now). She pulls herself up by holding furnitures, she fell a few times and it has been […]

Starting baby on solid food, the exact science

You read that title and said aloud “that girl is lame. Every child is different!!!”. They do. I know that. BUT everyone wants to convince you otherwise. If it works for their children, it’ll work for yours. Don’t get close minded, mother. Sorry but no. If it was that simple we would have at least […]

Baby update : 5 months

Time is flying by ! Here’s my little pumpkin taking her first swim in the Indian Ocean at 4 months ! I didn’t update you for her 4th month but we were on holidays and I got lazy I admit. But I’m back with tons of stuff for y’all. This little girl weighs 6,560kg and […]

Baby update : 3 months

Luyana is three months old yet. She weighs 5,560kg and is 59cm. This little girl is a smily girl. She smiles a whole lot and doesn’t cry a lot. She is nice and calm. And a very talkative baby, she loves to talk to the ceiling. Yeah, I know. She falls asleep almost everywhere and noises are […]

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