Cheesy butternut gratin

Cheesy everything season has begun and we are so ready! I decided I’d start this cheesy season with a twisted version of tartiflette, which is basically the same thing but with potatoes slices instead of butternut. It tastes different of course, it is sweeter and is a little bit harder to cut into servings because […]

Visiting Lyon while eating with the WagonBar

This weekend, we were invited to hop onboard of the WagonBar (which is a bus) to eat and tour Lyon in 3 hours. The bus departs from the place Bellecour, when we arrive we notice that the majority of people waiting are quite old but we don’t mind. We are ready to have a nice […]

Chicken fajitas

Such a cozy and family meal to make and eat! It is fun for everyone, you stuff your tortillas with whatever toppings you want. We went for : avocado, hot sauce, fresh tomatoes, cilantro and sour cream! I know this isn’t very traditional (I guess?) but it is very very good. It is ready in […]

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